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He flew from Dakar to Paris, then to Dusseldorf — a journey which will emit two tons of carbon. He says the set-up of the enormous tent city, with two different locations separated by a shuttle bus, has been inconvenient.

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The organizers have said the event's massive size necessitates two separate zones for the negotiators and for the NGOs and businesses. But McKinnon says this can create symbolic difficulties, compared to previous smaller COPs where the two sides were closer and interacted more. Those are questions that are not unique to Bonn. McKinnon is an experienced COP attendee. For year-old Kiran Ooman, a student at Seattle University, this is the first climate summit.

His journey will emit 3. He is one of the plaintiffs in a lawsuit against President Trump and the US government for its inaction on climate change. He sees no problem with the fact that the summits have grown to such a huge size. Savitree Srisuk, a specialist on environmental education from Thailand, says she thinks her German hosts are making an effort to mollify the environmental effects of the summit. A roundtrip flight from Bangkok to Bonn emits four tons of carbon.

Anything that we use every day, like water and food, these things have to be eco products. Hans Naome with the campaign group Nuclear for Climate had a much shorter journey. He drove from neighboring Belgium, a trip that will emit 0. He had to take vacation days off work to come for the summit to advocate for the place of nuclear power as part of a zero-emissions energy mix. But he says it's worth it, especially for a cause like his which can encounter skepticism. But most people are friendly.

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They've come here to talk and learn, and to broaden their horizons. Bonn will play host to the world climate conference COP23 from November 6 to Within a few months, the former German capital has been completely remodeled — from a new train station to several massive tent cities. One of the biggest tent complexes has been built in Deutsche Welle's backyard; here, the very first cranes appear for its construction in early August.

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Why these three words? English, because it's a global language, has to be there.

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The conference is taking place in Germany — so "Willkommen" fits. But what's "Bula" about? Despite taking place in Bonn, the COP23 is officially hosted by the Fiji islands — represented here by their native language. Bula means "welcome" or "friendship" in Fijian. This massive hall near the Rhine River will receive people from all over the world. In about 40 different pavilions, delegations of the participating countries will discuss their national contributions to climate protection — the whole world under one roof. The German pavilion will be illuminated and decorated by a 3-meter foot -diameter LED globe, among other things.

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Another particularly large space will make up the pavilion of the Indian delegation, presumably a highlight. Dozens of workers have invested daily effort into getting it ready before November 6. From structures to lighting, everything must be ready to go by that day. Attending the conference isn't just about networking and checking out the attractions — many people will be hard at work, journalists included.

Aside from the press center, various spots inside the tents have been set up as workspaces for whoever needs to take a seat and connect an electronic device. Good point: There will also be plenty of coffee — sustainably harvested in Costa Rica. This is just one of several stations ready to receive the flagging and thirsty. We also expect excited participants sharing decisive conversations around a fair-trade cup of joe. The canteen extends over two floors in the largest tent, where nearly 1, people will be able to eat at once. Most options will contain organic ingredients, as well as local and seasonal produce.

Vegetarian food will be given preference.

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Want a taste? Environmental groups, along with many other nongovernmental organizations NGOs , will play a pivotal role at the conference, speaking for civil society and raising awareness among the public. There is space reserved for them — about NGOs will be able to display their work in this exhibition area; there will be stands at a time, which will rotate weekly. This photo was taken barely a week before the conference starts.

Spot the difference from the first photo? Infrastructure is just about ready and it's time to start receiving guests to work together to protect our climate — and our future. Bonn is ready, how about you? The UN city of Bonn is hosting the global climate conference. What do participants, activists and residents expect of COP23? Sea levels have risen further and ice in the Antarctic moved towards a record low. Climate agreements are hard-won through laborious negotiations, and this week's UN climate talks will be no different.

Organizers want to send a signal to President Trump and other deniers that climate change is real. The influence of fossil fuel lobbyists on climate negotiations has come into the spotlight at the Bonn climate conference. But debate over their role has only just begun. The German city of Bonn is readying itself for the global climate conference — new infrastructure has sprung up across the city.

DW has been watching it happen — including right outside our own window. Spain has offered to replace Chile as host of December's large UN climate conference. Their message to world leaders: This is a climate emergency. Accessibility options Layout: Default layout. This is the default version. High contrast.

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